Friday, March 30, 2012


This morning, in one of our meetings.  Carlo, my officemate brought Snickers chocolate bars from Duty Free for the team.  I took 1 piece because I missed eating sweets, chocolates specifically, and snickers is one of my favorite brand of chocolates.  Who can resist this temptation?

Since I was controlling my sweet intake for several months now, I took the liberty in eating 1 today since I am already burning it during running, as for the soar throat? Well, there's always water station nearby and I can always gargle with bactidol to prevent it.  

While discussing the agenda, i felt some itch on my arms, scratched it a bit and ignored it.  Then, it become more itchy, when i checked it again, the itch marks has spread and they became more itchy and itchy.  I thought that something must have bitten me,but then I realized they appeared after eating snickers, then the itch won't go away, until I can feel my eyes feeling tighter and tighter.  Later on, i felt hot on my face, that's when I decided to take anti-histamine.  It somehow made a relief but then the side effect made me too much sleepy.

I never had allegries in peanuts or chocolates, I just know I have one in shrimps/prawn.  I'm really worried that my body is having more allergic reaction to food.... is this a sign of aging?  I think I now need to see an allergologist. :(

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