Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First time

Coming back to my senses and coming back to blogging this week, I saw this contest from Michi and didn't have a second thought but to join in... it's really cool following the instructions and because of that I had a window to read through her mom's blogs too, I think she's cool too, also known the GFC as the Google Friend Connect, hahaha!

It was really fun and I know there will be more contests like this in the future.  But you know what?  I never had any chance to win any raffle ever since... but there's no harm in trying, not for the prize anyway... for fun lang.. :P

join her contest at:

michiphotostory contest


  1. Thanks Mel coz you think I am cool too. I am your follower too:)

  2. thanks for joining mel! btw, if you want to share some link, you can highlight one word or words, then click link (beside insert image) then place the link or url. ;)

    1. very nice michi... it looks more organized now.. hahaha! thanks!

  3. no problem. i have an award for you check my post, http://www.michiphotostory.com/2012/03/sunshine-award.html

  4. missing post from you Mel. HOw are you?

  5. hi Joy, I'm good... just got busy on the weekend. babawi ako on later :D