Monday, April 16, 2012

High School Reunion - Batch 2000

12 years after we threw our graduation caps in the air, we finally had our mini reunion for all those who are here in Manila.  We graduated in MABA Computer Oriented High School in Legazpi City.  MABA is an acronym of the founder and directress of this school Myrna Alvarado Biraquit Andes and we were the 3rd batch of graduates ever since the school was founded.

I never forget that I was the Senior President and I am the one responsible for organizing our reunion, but given my very busy schedule, I never had the chance to find all their contacts.  Thankfully, Shaw, my ever best friend since we were kids took the initiative to create a group in Facebook and organized this mini-reunion.  We were actually not even 10% of the whole batch but I am glad that we had this.

It's funny re-living the moments and sharing stories of all the "kalokohan" back then.  Shaw and I were laughing hard with all their stories and we both thought that if given a chance to go back to high school, we will surely enjoy every moment of it like they did, how we missed all those fun things before because we were serious representing the school and competing for the top spot.  There's kind of regret from our side for missing so much in high school but we are somehow grateful that we did.

It's cool to see our matured looks over our looks from the last time we saw each other.  We had took different paths and experienced different difficulties in life and this shaped us to become better persons.
Some already have their own family, some have struggles in their love stories and some are happy because they are still single.

Some of those who were really "pasaway" now have their own family and they started to realize how rude they were to their parents.  They learned and understand their parents now because they are also now parents.  It's a lesson in life that we learn when we experience it.

I'll be sharing some of their stories in my next post, hopefully I'll have a time to compose more blogs this week.

 Arimado, Jess, Ann, Shaw, Linn, Mel, Richard, Connie, Lolo, Salve
 Arimado, Windsor, Jess, Ann, Shaw, Linn, Mel, Richard, Connie, Lolo, Salve
 Match making for Richard who has a long time crush with Linn, they are both still single, but Richard is so "TORPE" and can't even say that he likes Linn a lot. :P

Girls: Mel, Linn, Ann, Connie and Salve


  1. never pa kami nakagkaHS reunion or hindi lang ako aware. hehe!

  2. I am sure na nag enjoy kayo lahat:) Thanks for sharing Mel. NIce to know you more through your post. and ang gaganda nyo girls:)

  3. Facebook is a powerful tool michi, if HS friends are in your contacts, then they'll have a way to inform you.

    @Joy: yep, super enjoy... parang kulang ang overnight sa lahat ng mga kwento. :D