Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A dance with so much love

I was browsing my diary a while ago while waiting for the time for my next run when I landed to this part of my diary.  Earlier this year, I posted something about the Junior and Senior prom and mentioned how slow dance became so important to me.  So I think I owe you in sharing one of my recent slow dance experience this year.  Here it is:

...An unexpected dance in the morning with "A thousand years" in the background.  A playlist that is continuously playing, songs that are compiled especially for me.  Taking slow steps, "Marry Me" song played next on the background.  I am in tears again, held him tightly to hide my tears.  It was a dance that felt so much love....

Maybe I am the only one who can relate to this, but let me give you an overview so you can somehow relate to this post.  For those who missed my post about myself, I am in a relationship for 11 years by next month... an anticipation of a wedding proposal has been a very sensitive thing for me and everything that is related to wedding and proposals really affect me.  So then, there were hints from my boyfriend or maybe I was expecting too much, that's why my heart is so much emotional.  That dance I mentioned above happened one morning and woke me up with those songs on the background, who would guess that waking up from bed, with the messy look from sleep would be dancing for no reason at all?  Of course if you are in that situation you would be expecting something is about to happen... but nothing has happened... but then, I really felt the love in that dance. For that time, I was still expecting too much...  But now, we are honestly enjoying each others company and I no longer expect much of the proposal.  I know it will happen someday, in God's time.


  1. Yes, in God's perfect time. Happy for you that you enjoy your life now. The best is yet to come :)

  2. You are right joy. The best is yet to come. What's important is we love each other and we are happy. :)