Monday, April 2, 2012

RUN Mel... RUN!

A month ago, I experienced a struggle in my personal life and thought I would give up and never recover.   I wanted to clear my mind so I looked for something to do to somehow relieve my heavy heart... that's when I started running.  I can't really say that that's the only time I discovered running since my old partner Arman was an "obsessed" runner.  He used to run more than 100 KM and when he's still with 3M, he encouraged me to also explore running.  Of course, I always had my reasons... and my most convincing alibi is this: "oh, I have an asthma so I can't really stress myself." :P

Good thing I can still recall some of his tips and one of his most important reminder to me was to invest in running shoes and socks.  So I went to Bonifacio High Street and looked for stores which offer footworx fitting process.    Although there are several sports stores available in the area like R.O.X. and Nike, only RUNNR Store have this facility.  Footworx fitting analysis is important to prevent injuries that you can get from running due to wrong running styles and strikes.  I'm not familiar much on the terms so bear with me as I try to explain the process of the analysis they've done to my feet.  First, they assisted me to step on to a foot morphology for several minutes to identify my foot type, it left a mark and known that mine is Normal Arch.  Second, they let me run in a treadmill for a certain speed and recorded a video of my foot strikes and alignment, it turned out that my left and right foot strikes are not similar and there's an angle on my ankle during strikes in which if I ignore, might cause injury after doing some series of runs.  I found that I needed more stability while running, therefore I got the stability shoe from Nike not only because they have the right fit for what I need to correct my foot strikes and alignment but also the because of fashion and design, I know that the design is the least important, but since I am already investing in it, why not get the latest model.   I got the Lunar Glide3 for ~6K Php.

I've been running for a month now and will tell you more of the things I discovered on my next posts.  Stay tuned...


  1. Galing naman dyan sa Pinas: Advanced ang method nila. Ewan ko kung meron dito nyan sa Norway... Anyway, di ako kasi nakatira sa city. But, I bought also jogging shoes, although I just walk, not run. hi hi. Siguro lumakas ka no, sa katatakbo?

  2. P6k, expensive. gusto rin bumili ng running shoes ni ariel e. =)

  3. @ joy, yes... my stamina is also now more higher. I have now more balance in my body since before i can't stand straight for few minutes, i tend to shift foot to foot kasi nangangawit ako. Because in running, u need to do warm up and warm down, i didn't know i was also doing pala yoga and pilates. :D

    @ Michi, di sya actually expense kung tutuusin.. maarte lang ako sa design, meron naman na mga 4K-5K or baka even lesser. Super helpful sya in releasing stress plus the health benefits. pwede kayo mag run together. it will be fun.