Monday, April 9, 2012

Lenten Special - Good Friday

After the Visita Iglesia for the Maundy Thursday, we went home tired from the heavy traffic and slept early to prepare for the next day's activity.  Good Friday, this is the day we commemorate the crucifixion and death of Christ, his sufferings to pay for our sins.  Our way of thanking Him is to offer prayers.  We went to Regina Rica for a pilgrimage and a prayer vigil located in Tanay Rizal, 70 Km away from Manila.  We started from my boyfriend's place in Antipolo and it took us an hour and a half ride before reaching the place, checking the odometer it's 47 Km from Sumulong Highway.

Woke up at 4am and prepared to leave at 5:30am.  Our route were from the Sumulong Highway, Cogeo, Baras, Boso-boso, Tanay.  It was an exciting ride with 45 minutes zigzag road purely uphill.

It was still foggy then and the wind froze my face as I rolled down the windows and tried to capture the views, they were really breathtaking:

It was like we are in a different world, the views were really beautiful, imagine how God created this kind of place, truly amazing!

And finally we reached our destination.  Regina Rica is a 13.5 hectares land located in heart of Sitio Remigio in Tanay Rizal which is administered by the Camillian Sisters.  This place offers the people peace, serenity and stillness. The rules in this area were very strict and those who came in shorts and sleeveless/spaghetti straps or not in proper outfit for the place where given piece of cloth the wrap in their body while inside the vicinity.  The area is open from 8am to 5pm everyday except for Tuesday as the Sisters have a service schedule in Quezon City.  We prayed in each of the cross, and as we walk in every station, the sun's heat became extreme as if there's no air within the area although it was very open and there were lots of trees in the surrounding.  When we reached the top of the hill and offered our thanksgiving, the breeze became cooler and it relieved our tiredness.

The place also offers some refreshments.  All food are vegetarian coming from the farm cultivated by the nuns.

And the best of all the food they serve was the Pan de Rica for 50 pesos each, a baked organic bread freshly made by the nuns.  We can't get over with the bread so we had to buy another 10 pieces for take out. 

The visit was really worthwhile, we had our time for our reflection and we had our own ways of thanking the Lord.   This is our second year of visit and will probably come back by next year.


  1. REally breathtaking pictures. Philippines! Beautiful country with beautiful people. I was actually born catholic, pero di ako ako naka expereince ng katulad ng ginawa nyo. Anyway what is important is that we do these things for GOd. Thanks for sharing your easter and the magnificent pictures.

  2. Yep, you are right. we may be in different religious org and different ways of serving him, what's important is how we live our lives with Him in the center and how good we do for our neighbors. Happy Easter!

  3. sort of panata na rin like ng caleruega ni ariel. =)5 years straight na kami nandun every holy week.

  4. hey Michi! welcome back! missed your blogs :D