Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesome Sunday

Joined for the first time in a fun run last Sunday.  Nat Geo Earth Day Run in 2012 in BGC was full pack of people from different categories: 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K...  me and my boyfriend took the 5Km which started from 7th street going down to the Upper Mckinley Hill thru Mckinley Pkwy, U-turned to the stop light, straight through the 5th street, right turn to the 32nd street and finally right turn the 9th street and sprinted to the finish line.  It's already tiring just typing all these streets... whew!

There are few things we learned from this event.  
1) Be early and as much as possible stay in front before the starting line.
          Since we were at the back and basically the last people behind all the runners, even if we wanted to run, we just can't pass through the people walking and some are even holding hands as if they are walking in a beach.  We weren't able to get our momentum until halfway to the finish line.
2) Bring your own hydration
          We stopped for several minutes just to get a small amount of water, there are total of 2 hydration stations for 5K route.  Imagine how much time was wasted... If only we have bought the hydration bottles, we should have lesser time, probably 40 mins or so.

It took me 45 minutes and 19 seconds to finish the 5K and boyfriend finished a minute earlier than me.

Normally, fun runs have the what they call "Finisher's Kit" for all runners who finished the race and lots of freebies.  The Nat Geo event surprisingly did not provide any finisher's kit, and the freebies? You need to fall in a very long line just to get small stuffs like baller ids, note pads, etc.  Of course we didn't had the patience to get those freebies and just left early since the sun was already striking hard to our skin.

My face all flush from the sun's heat.

It was kind of tiring but was worth it because we haven't practiced for that route yet.  We have ran 5K around the Bonifacio High Street but we never experienced the uphill/downhill.  It was truly a very fulfilling moment for us.

Anyway, it was still a very awesome Sunday and it was indeed our unforgettable first run. :D


  1. congrats! baka ako 1km lang, suko na. =)

  2. galing naman:) By the way, ang sexy mo:)

  3. @Michi: I use the same statement before, "baka isang kanto lang hingal na ako"... never thought I could run this far and I can feel I can run farther. In fact, my aim is to run 10Km in the same event next year. Addict na ba? hahaha!

    @ Joy: hahaha! thanks to running!