Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Left behind by the technology

I can still recall when I was in 1st year college, my classmates already had their own cellphones, Nokia 5110 and 3210, but my dad didn't allow my mom to buy us one.  He has a valid reason though for not letting us have one because the son of his workmate was killed after the held-up incident and the trigger point was the cellphone.  But my sister and I were so envy with our friends playing the snake in their cellphones, change the ring tones and housing every time, and of course the easy communication wherever we may be...so we bullied our mom to secretly buy us cellphones and she bought us each with the latest model 3310.  When my dad arrived, we were secretly using them but later on found out about it... can you believe that he allowed us to use our cellphones but leave it when we leave for school.. it's really ridiculous I know, but later on he got tired of it and just reminded us to turn it off during travelling, he didn't know that you can set it in silent mode or in vibrate mode.

My dad, he's turning 60 this year is about to finish his contract for work.  He's here in the Philippines now for a month vacation and recently, his company required them to have their cellphones instead of their wives taking the calls.  So my dad had no choice but to buy one.  Early this morning, my mom and dad were in the sala and were so busy exploring my dad's cellphone.  She's teaching him how to operate, how to call, how to send text messages  and it's really cute hearing my dad struggling composing an SMS.  He's telling my mom, why do I need to text everytime? can I just call?  hahaha!

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  1. same with my lola, parang wala cellphone at di sumasagot. hehe!