Monday, May 21, 2012

The Wooden Bridge - Tagaytay

Instead of spending our anniversary in a travel, we opted to spend it with my family since this is the first time my dad is here for my birthday.  We discovered The Wooden Bridge located in Vinarao St. Tagaytay, a street just opposite of the way going to Pink Sisters, when we're doing the ocular visits looking for a place to spend this Christmas... I know it's too soon, but my boyfriend's family started this tradition last year, and they had difficulty looking for a place to stay then, so for this year, they wanted to reserve early.

Anyway, I really had no plan on spending a family outing at first but when I saw this place, it's just like there's a force that made me say the words "I'll get it for my birthday" without even thinking.  I tried to reserve for Saturday (May 19) but there's already someone who booked on the dates of all weekends of May.  I had no choice but to reserve it on Friday (May 18), spending my 2nd VL for the year but it's worth it since it's just in time for our 11th year anniversary.  Poor boyfriend had no choice but to agree with me. :)

I was in love at first sight and I felt the relaxing setting of the place.  The Wooden Bridge was designed by Architech Mavick D. Gabriel, she's also the one who's coordinating those who want to rent the place to the owner.  I never met her but she's so organized sending me some forms to fill-up and agreement form prior the reserved date, she also called for our whereabouts before the check-in time.

The wooden bridge...Every corner, every sides have some earthly ornaments which made a very relaxing feel on the place.  It has 5 rooms enough to house 15-20 guests, clean restrooms with heaters on the shower, the kitchen where all your needs are there so you'll only need to bring your food, a sound-proof recreation room/videoke room, Balcony? where the sungka area is located, the pool and of course the wooden bridge.

Here are some pictures I took, hope you'll also feel what I felt when I was with the place.

Seashells and native beads curtains

The white curtains create a beach feel all over the place

A classic touch on the furniture on the "balcony?"

The last time I saw this Filipino toy was ages ago, it was really fun playing again Sungka with my siblings and the little ones.

The size of the pool is just right and what made it special is the bridge on top of it.

Of course, the kids playing the mini-bangka.
And then, it's swimming time!!!!

My family... just don't compare... i know... that's why I'm kinda hesitant to join them in pictures
Kids enjoyed the cold jacuzzi
I was freezing but look at the kids... super enjoy!

The sound-proof videoke room

My mom and my dad

My sister and I

With my sister and her better half  and my half (not yet better)... hahaha!

It was indeed another memorable birthday for me... a memory that I will treasure in my heart forever. 


  1. wow, what a wonderful place and what a beautiful family you have. thanks for sharing. maybe puede din namin i rent yan paguwi ko for family get away:)

    1. Yep. it's really a nice place and is really near the metro. you don't have to ride a plane or drive long.

  2. may nakita na naman mother ko na pwedeng puntahan. hehe! ganda nga and ok talaga pang family. =)

  3. ang ganda puntahan pang family talaga. =)pwede overnight Mel?

    1. yes, we got it for 12Kphp from 2pm to 12pm... imagine sa pansol, last March nag rent ako ng place dun, 12Kphp din from 6pm to 6am lang. super sulit...

      Kaya lang yung 12Kphp di ko alam kung fixed rate yan or seasonal.

  4. Hi ms mel, ask ko lang sino contact nio dito sa wooden bridge house? thanks

    1. hi Jim, it's Engr. Mavick Gabriel - 09175740574

  5. hi ms mel, nacontact ko na po thanks,

  6. Nice blog Mel. Can you add me on your fb account? Thanks
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