Wednesday, August 8, 2012


With the heavy rain still storming NCR, here I am wondering if I can already go to work tomorrow.  I am still at my boyfriend's place in Antipolo and been stranded here for several days already.  Every morning, I've been trying the road but I only have Marcos Highway as the only access from here that is safer from flood, other options will be Marikina which is a No-No or Cainta which is again a big No-no.  Unfortunately, the Marcos Highway was not exempted from flooding. In fact, the water along Filinvest area was waist deep this morning so I had no choice but to turn around... It is still raining hard as I write this blog but I still hope it will stop soon...

Anyway, the food at boyfriend's house is overflowing as always.  His mom cooks whatever we requested her to cook.  We are all so pampered that's why I always love staying in their home.  But, I am quite guilty with it because I know lots of people are starving and are waiting for relief goods in the evacuation area and some are even waiting to be rescued.  I can do little less than nothing for them but offer prayer for their safety.


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