Thursday, August 9, 2012

Botchog... Again?

I won't let it happen again, I hope... but because of the weather, I have no time to run and all I have to do is eat and sleep.  Working from home seems no stress at all, I can take naps in between, watch television and movies while having some junk food and sweets to munch in.  This is an ideal life.... ooppps! really?.. maybe... but not for long.  Why am I itching to go out and work?

I already started a healthy lifestyle early this year and I don't plan to go back to my old lifestyle.  That's why I'm trying to make a mindset that even though I'm not doing any exercise this week, I promise myself to burn these fats on the next weeks. I still got my yoga and gravity yoga gift cheques from Beyond Yoga courtesy of Michiphotostory and I'm planning to use it this August.  I will be going the same schedule with my good friend Irene, she needs more motivation to continue yoga, plus this will give us more time to bond and chitchat...#excited!

The TIC girls also want to try the Yoga in Urban Ashram Manila located in BGC but the 2nd season of FitFil is about to start and most of them are about to sign-up, as much as I want to join, I saw the activities during the 1st season and I think it is beyond what my body can do... maybe I'll just stick to running then, besides the Milo APEX season 5 will also be starting this September and I won't surely miss to sign-up.

It's really hard to stay on track in keeping a healthy lifestyle... so I advise you to find someone who will inspire and motivate you to continue like I do:

My Romeo, my boyfriend, best friend, my confidant, my motivator
but he's so caring that he doesn't want me to push myself too hard...
So I needed to cling on to the following who are pushing me to my limits (even beyond) that I was able to do what I can't even imagine doing...
Coach Mherlz, she's my first ever coach... she was invited to conduct a mini running clinic in my office at 3M Philippines together with Coach Mitch Estuar, she invited me to join the Wednesday Group of Runners and that's when I started my running habit.  She's an elite runner and a good teacher. She's the "Kwela" Coach and I adore her.  During the 36th Milo Marathon, when she saw me panting and is about to walk, she ran with me and never failed to encourage and motivate.
Coach Janette Agura, my Milo Coach for 10K beginners.  A very passionate woman and is  very strict in her training plans.   Seriously, she's the one who made me run 18 kilometers of purely uphill and downhill.  She won't go easy on you and there's no way you won't improve your running skills.  She instills in us the discipline in running and I believe we still need more to learn from her. We'll still enroll on her class the next time.
Ate Jackie Gutierrez, my Team Manager  in Milo APEX.  What can I say about her?  She's certainly the Most Congeniality and is so "Masigasig" in ensuring everyone of us can keep up on the training Coach Janette is giving us.  She never fails to check and motivate us.  She's a certified Adik in running and she's the best friend everyone can have.
Oh how I miss everyone...

TIC (Team Ice Cream)


  1. baka bochog ka na pagbalik ng office. hehe! si ariel, pumapasok pa rin, pero ok na yun kaysa may baha sa min.

  2. oo nga, hahaha! Yep, saw them online and still working. I am working din naman pero from afar :D