Friday, August 3, 2012

Put on the spot

I hate when people put me on the spot... because I am not given any choice but to do things that I don't want to do.

May 2006 - I was just 3 months old from Intel, I was the youngest and the 2nd girl who joined the Test Engineering group.  It was summer then, what is summer without a company summer outing? (one eyebrow raised).. and they have what they call "Summer Body", it's a beauty pageant in which all the representatives need to wear their summer outfits...(of course).  My boss volunteered me to join in exchange for my regularization, he knew how badly I wanted to work in Intel, it was my 2nd dream company and he didn't leave me any choice. wasn't it unfair?  So then, I joined the contest without telling anyone including my boyfriend except for my sister Mabz.  Good thing, there was no talent portion because I will surely cannot do anything in front of those people.  Apparently, they forced me to exposed my always hidden body but not as bear as the other contestant, let's say I was just wholesome that time.  Luckily, I won the contest effortlessly without wearing any makeup...  Sorry, I kept no picture because until now, boyfriend still have no idea that I had this experience.

December 2006 - Christmas Party.  I was tricked by my boss and my group, they let me take a leave on the day of the party to let me prepare for it... Everyone told me that we all needed to dress for the occasion, so there I was bought a dress and had a make-over.  I was lost finding the venue and I arrived at the place late just wearing a black sando and a torn jeans, the dress and the stilletto are still in my bag.  I was surprised seeing the people in jeans and only those who are included in the pageant (again??!!!) are in gown/dress.  I was so mad at them, I almost cried.  The Emcee saw me and called my name and my team pushed me up in the stage.  I was the only one not in dress but I have to pull a show, I was already on the stage so I needed to save myself... I didn't want to win but I don't want to be a laughing stuff.  I survived the night but I swore to myself that no one will ever do this to me, ever.. again!

Apparently, today I received this news.  :(  :(   :(


  1. yan ang nagagawa pag pretty. no choice. if you have it, flaunt it. =D

    1. huhuhu! i really don't want to, kung pwede lang maging invisible na lang :(

  2. Iba na ang maganda:) Be proud. YOu deserved to be a muse:)