Monday, August 13, 2012

Health and Wellness Plus!

Some of the reasons why it's great to work in my new company are the programs and perks they prepare for the employees.  They are investing in making their people in check with their fitness and in health, community and environmental services.

In fact, today was the program for free health analysis: Body Fat Analysis, Blood Sugar and BMI Check.  Of course I didn't miss having all these analysis and below are the results:

The results are quite good news except for the Body Fat, i can't imagine I still have these excessive fats knowing that I am already exerting more effort in exercise.  This maybe caused by the STRANDED days of purely eating and sleeping... To my dismay, I think I really need to double my effort in opening my sweat glands and do more exercise to lose these fats.

In parallel, we also have a Blood Donation Drive...  I tried donating blood before in my previous company but because of my newly pierced ears, I wasn't allowed to donate.  This time, though I wanted to try again,  I opted not to donate since I am reserving my blood for my Dad's operation this coming Wednesday since I am the only one with the same blood type as him in the family (Blood Type: A+), just in case he'll need a blood transfusion.

And, the best part for today's activity was the free 15-min back massage.  They made the ambiance of the room the same as the spa with matching scented candles and very soft background music.  I wanted to stay longer but SNAP! I totally forgot I was still in the office.  It feels really good after the session and if there was no queue I would like to have another round or stay in the room for a while and  have a nap... #Sarap!


  1. mukhang namiss ni ariel yan, mahilig pa naman magdonate ng blood yun. ang rare ng blood type mo.

    1. hhmmmm... nasan kaya sya kahapon? sa Mckinley yung blood drive eh, not sure kung sa Carmona magkakaroon din ng sched. Kung mahilig sya mag donate, ayos lang naman yun para mapalitan mga dugo niya, sa girls walang problema, regular naman na napapalitan eh...

      ... talaga? rare tong blood type ko?.. hhhmmm... royal blood? hahaha!