Thursday, October 18, 2012

ChicNails - hand, foot & body spa

From the past weeks that I missed the Blog world, I've been busy on some things like the new group and responsibilities at work, personal life, schedules with my dad and my running events.  I think I had no much time to at least get some time off and pamper myself.  It was unexpected yesterday to receive a reminder that I needed to go easy on my schedules and have some "ME" time if not for the GC that I received from Michi of Michiphotostory.  It was two thousand worth of services from Chic Nails, so I immediately cancelled my training schedule for last night and search for the location.

Chic Nails offers some spa packages that are surely relaxing aside from their individual services such as foot spa, manicure and pedicure, massage, facial, very affordable prices.  Check out their facebook page to see what's on their menu and some of their holiday packages.

I thought it will be a "ME" time, but since we arrived at 6:30 pm and only had 2.5 hours before closing, the value of the GC is too big for me to consume alone so I asked the receptionist if 2 people can use it and they allowed me and my dear boyfriend to enjoy their services.  We got the Basic Treat Package which includes whole body massage, foot spa and pedicure for only 730 php each. I wanted to get a facial (450 php) but they can no longer accommodate due to very limited time.  Instead, they gave us a semi hand spa and pedicure.

I forgot to mention that there were free drinks offered when we entered their door and after the massage... i gave them an extra "pogi" point for this since we came from Makati and we were kind of thirsty driving to Katipunan... Overall, I was satisfied with the service and the people who assisted us were very friendly and accommodating.

In line with my outlook which promotes more color on my page, I included the picture of their endorsers not because i'm a fan of theirs but because of the beautiful combination of the color and the theme.

Finally, the timing of this very relaxing treat is just on time for our 137th monthsary today.  My dear boyfriend reminded me again to say thanks to the lovely couple Michi and Manong Ariel.  Hugs to both of you!


  1. Nice hearing from you again:)

    1. me too... i am so happy to finally back online! ^_^

  2. wow! happy monthsary! buti nagamit yung GC. =)

    1. gee thanks! thanks to you ulet for a free date. :D