Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spider girl found her true calling

I never dare try any wall climbing before not because I'm afraid of heights but because I know my upper extremities are weak and my hands couldn't hold of anything stable, I normally drop things and I'm afraid that I might fall.

But because of the Milo Olympics that was held in Tanay Adventure Camp last Saturday.  I had no choice but to face my fear else I will be a great disadvantage on my team.  The game has several stages, its a combination of the normal exercises, Pinoy games and extremes : 10 jumping jacks, 2 times Pico, Wall Climb, 10 consecutive counts in Hoola Hoop, run uphill, 5 sipa, duck walk with thera band, zip line and a sprint back to the base.

The most challenging part for me was the wall climb... I was able to successfully reach more than half of the wall until I looked up to check how far I was from the top and saw the clouds moving, making an optical illusion as if the wall's going to collapse on me.  Then I felt I couldn't move any muscle.  It was a dead end for me and I felt my legs were already shaking, I can feel I was breathing hard so I know I was already panicking. I screamed to the coaches that I can no longer make it and they said to let go.

I didn't know I was already over the target for girls, it's supposed to be halfway only, they just didn't stop me since they thought I wanted to reach the top. :(

I had the advantage on the hoola hoop so I was able to advance to the next stages in no time.  I think my legs were still shaking from the wall climb after finishing all the tasks.  Whew!

Anyway, the shaking legs were all worth it because we won the game. Yebah!


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    1. ako di naman, parang baliktad ang nangyari... fear of heights normally happens when you look down, ako it happened when I looked up...bigla lang naloka ako sa epekto ng clouds kala ko talaga babagsak yung wall... :(