Monday, October 22, 2012

Croyzzzzyyyy on Sale!

I am normally not a shopaholic type of girl and I am more to spending my money into food and bonding moments with my family, not until recently when I got into the running sports.  I thought that running is the most inexpensive sport since you just need to have your rubber shoes on then you're off to go... guess I am wrong on this assumption...

I have at least 4 to 5 times a week schedule for training and run so I needed to have more outfits and gears to wear every time.  Good thing that my running mates are very updated on all the sales that's happening in the metro, so I am getting so much saving on the gears I need for running.

Here are some things I have saved so far:

1. Running shoes
           This is the first thing that runners should invest to.  As a newbie, I bought 2 pairs of rubber shoes worth 5K and 6K php for the Nike Glide 3 as initial investments.  Then when I knew of the quarterly sale in Riovanna, I got another 2 pairs of shoes worth 3.5K php for the Nike Free Run 3 (original price: 5K php) and 1.7K Php for the Adidas Climacool (original price: 6.8K Php).  

 2. Socks
          Who would have thought that you need a special socks for running?  Yes you do, else you'll got blisters every time.  Thanks to RUNNR Store in BGC for selling affordable running socks.  3 running socks for 399 Php.

2. Sports Bra - this is a MUST for us girls.  I have to admit that I have some boobies and running in an ordinary bra is kinda painful.  We need this to protect our boobies from bouncing which maybe can cause some medical problems in the future.  

But these will also slash off your budget since 1 sports bra can cause you around Php 1500 to Php 3000.  I got some Nike sports bra in the Nike Factory Outlet in Paseo de Magallanes for only around Php 1K - 1.2K each.  Great savings, right?


3. Tights/Compression
           I haven't bought anything on sale yet, but instead of buying tights in the famous sports brands, I got one in Forever 21, one in RUNNR Store and another one in Sassa in the Sports Outlet in Mamplasan. Don't raise your eyebrows, they really have their sports apparel you know, but you'll get it almost half the original price.
          For compression, I need to save money to have this, this is quite too expensive for me, 3K-7K Php for 1 compression and even on sale, the price will be just around the same as the original price. :(

4. Dri-fit Shorts
            The prices are quite the same as the tights, so to save some money I got one in RUNNR Store for only 500 Php and Nike shorts for only 1.1K Php (original price: 1.3K Php)

5. Dri-fit Clothes/Singlets
            There's no need to buy singlets because in every run that you register, there's already an included singlet.  Join more races to collect more.

Anyhoo, if you want to be more updated on the sale that is going on in Manila, check out the Manila on Sale website.


  1. sus sobra pala mahal na sumali s amga takbuhan dyan. Dito na lang ako. hi hi.

    1. Sobrang daming mga runs, you just have to choose yung mga best events para di sayang sa money.