Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooky Day in the office


Do you believe in Ghosts?  I do, but I have never seen any in my entire life... and I never wish to see any of them... hell, NO!

Last Friday, I arrived so early in the office and I was so sleepy then.  We have our clinic where anyone can rest whenever we are tired, sleepy or not feeling well.  It's very usual for me to sleep in the clinic especially when I have headaches and dysmenorrhea although there are already some ghost stories in the clinic buzzing around our group.  I don't mind because I already tried sleeping there several times and nothing eerie has happened to me so far except for that day.  It's a must to lock the door when we occupy the clinic so no one will get inside or disturb you while you rest.  So, then I set my alarm to take just 45 minutes nap.  I know I fell asleep in no time.  I was awaken by the shake in the bed as if someone has laid beside me.  I didn't mind because I was from a very deep sleep and I thought I was at home and my sister just laid beside me in the bed... until I realized I was in the clinic in the office and the door is locked and no one seems to enter the door.  My alarm is still not due yet so I kept my eyes closed and waited for the alarm to buzz before opening my eyes and left the clinic.

I don't know what's on that day, but I'm thinking maybe because it was Friday that's why it happened.  But anyway, it's not that creepy for me and if there will be a chance that I need to use the clinic again, unless they don't show their selves to me, I think I will still sleep in there...


  1. Replies
    1. medyo lang... wag lang sila magpapakita... hahaha!

  2. baka you were still dreaming. hi hi

    1. i hope i was, pero i was awake all the time while waiting for the alarm... hehehe!