Sunday, June 9, 2013

A day of Adventure in Universal Studios Singapore

After the hustles that I have been through on my day 1 plus the 1 week spent for work, it's time for me to unwind and de-stress.  Boyfie followed afterwards to visit his friends and of course see the attractions of Singapore.

Saturday, we had an early check-out from the Hotel and left our luggage in our friends house. We all went together to Sentosa, me and boyfie going to Universal Studios and them going to attend an event in their company's family day.  It was so convenient riding a bus in Singapore since it is not crowded and we are able to take a good seat. Fare: 1.30 SGD.

Upon reaching Vivo City, we took the train going to Sentosa for only 4 SGD.  There were a lot of people taking the train going to Sentosa so we waited for the second train, waiting time is only 5 mins.  

and after 10 minutes, we finally reached Sentosa.

Our original itenerary was to visit Universal Studios in the morning and Sea Aquaria in the afternoon. But we're not able to visit Sea Aquaria because there was 2 hours waiting time aside from long queue in the ticket booth.  

So let me just share to you our day of adventure in Universal Studios.  We availed an all day pass for 48 SGD/pax and then the fun begun... Wohoo!

Of course the first thing that caught my eye was betty boop but decided to go for the rides first.

The first that we tried was the Lights Camera Action! by Steven Speilberg, it is a sound stage fitted with effects where most of our movies are being shot, it is as if we are really feeling the hurricane and the explosions are really like real, all we can say was woah! with our big eyes open fascinated will all the effects.  No camera allowed so i have no pictures to share.

Next, Revenge of the Mummy.  It is a rollercoaster ride inside a dark complex with lots of bumps, reverse and turn and feels like dropping in a few storey building while going through the story of the Mummy. With the thought of a rollercoaster ride, boyfie didn't want to try it so he let me try it alone.  I was excited going solo in a dark ride, it was just 4 minutes and it was a smooth ride for me.  I thought boyfie can handle it because it only feels like a baby ride for me so I insisted for him to try it. We tried it together, so it was a second ride for me. Boyfie was white as ghost after the ride and his sweat was really cold, he was so dizzy and I regret convincing him to try it.  

We had almost an hour rest and I know we will no longer enjoy the rest of the day.  But when he recovered, we resumed going around the park, but no more rides... Parang photo ops na lang.


Far far away... We watched the 4D movie of Shrek inside the castle.  #relaxmode.

Waterworld... Awesome!

the Monster Rock... A musical show.

And on the afternoon, I wanted to try the transformer ride, we asked what the ride was all about and the crew said it was just a 4D ride.  Boyfie wanted to try it and I asked him several times if he is really sure about it.  On the queue, I am a bit worried for boyfie because I know it is still a ride and he might be dizzy again.  As expected it is a rough ride, but it was really really cool.  I've been checking boyfie once and a while just to make sure.  After the ride he said he really liked the ride though he felt slightly dizzy, ok na din kesa sa the mummy.

We didn't want to wait for the parade of stars at 5PM so we decided to check out the Sea Aquaria, but to no avail... And the heavy rain started to pour. We had no choice but to stay in some of the shops outside the park, and it became another photo ops for me.

Hope you enjoyed our adventure!

Visit Universal Studios
Resorts World Sentosa Singapore
Opens: 9:00AM - 8:00 PM


  1. mas mura pala sa USS kaysa sa Disneyland. may ride din kami na sinakyan na kasama namin ethan, sobrang pray pa ko nun. after the ride tinanung ko ethan kung ok lang siya, yes daw at gusto niya pa sakyan e halos mamatay na ko dun sa takot. =)

    1. Hahaha! Kami na lang kaya magkasama ni ethan. I bet mageenjoy kami pareho sa mga rides. Dami namin di nasakyan ni boyfie :( sayang.

  2. I really enjoyed this:) Thaks for the free ride:)

    1. no problem mommy joy... i should've shared a lot, pero nahilo na eh, di na kami masyadong nakapag-ikot. hehehe!