Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Announcement Part 1

Boyfie's family got an overnight stay in Tagaytay Wingate Manor for the Father's Day.  We were able to book 2 family rooms for only 5400 Php (original value: 10800 Php) for their rainy season promo.  Capacity per family room is only 4 pax but there are 3 beds (1 queen size, 1 double, 1 single bed) which are good enough for 5 person but anything in excess of 4 needs to pay 1500 Php.  Free breakfast for 4 and free massage for 2.

I ordered the longanisa with scrambled egg, garlic rice, fresh orange juice and a fruit platter for breakfast.  I liked it much because it is a home-made longanisa, with some garlic in it and a glaze that is not too sweet.  

After checking in yesterday and we had our rest, we went to the Sky eye in Taal Vista just to check out the place.  Entrance fee: 50 Php/head.  We didn't take the rides because the place was pretty packed and there's long queue everywhere. If you want to take the rides, you will need to buy tickets separately in each ride. 

Afterwards, we went straight to Bag of Beans for dinner.  It was so funny that me and boyfie were both feeling unease and excited and everything else before we spilled the beans.  The way boyfie started the announcement made her sister almost cry, because she thought we will be announcing that I am pregnant.  Her eldest sister got married 2 years ago and they are hoping for a baby eversince.  

It went so well and they asked for some more details, everyone have their different plans to lose weight and be ready for their outfits... They are all so excited.  His dad said, he was about suggest to us to get married soon, naiinip na din pala buti naunahan na namin sya. We got additional 300K Php from his dad. #SoThankfulAndHappy

Tonight, it will be my turn for my family. I know it will be the same reaction from them. :)

Tagaytay Wingate Manor
Magallanes Drive
Maitim II West, Tagaytay City


  1. Wow! So generous ni in-laws. =)

    1. Yep. Generous talaga to si daddy in law to be... Hehehe! Kahit sa mga kamag-anak nya generous to, pwede na magtayo ng foundation. Tsaka, unico ijo kasi si boysie kaya ganun.

  2. Wow. Kagalante naman i am sure it will be a big wedding:

    1. we will stick to the small wedding as planned... sana.. hehehe!

  3. Oh wow! Congratulations! You two look like you're meant for each other.