Saturday, June 8, 2013

Papa P


Wonder why I have to make a post for Papa P?  We'll you all know for a fact that Piolo Pascual is one of the most handsome faces in the showbiz industry and we can't really deny girls are going crazy when they saw him in person, "makalaglag panty" as what they call him, gwapo nga talaga.

But can you believe that I have been receiving comments that I have a resemblance to Papa P? The first time someone told me that I look like the girl version of him, I just really can't believe it and just laugh about it.  But out of curiosity, I tried looking at my pictures and observed that I have nothing similar to him in any way.  I even asked my mom, my siblings and boyfie if I really look like him but they said NO, and they just tease me about it.

Recently, I received the same comment from one of the vendors in the souvenir shop in Lucky Mall Plaza in Singapore.  I thought she was following me all around the shop to assist me on my shopping but to my surprise, she was looking and observing me and when she couldn't hold herself, she finally asked me.

 Tindera:  Kabayan, kamag-anak mo ba si Piolo Pascual?
 Me:  (smiling) pano nyo naman nasabi?
 Tindera:  Kamukha mo kasi, tsaka yung mata mo, parehong pareho sa kanya.
 Me: Hindi po ate eh.
 Tindera:  Sigurado ka?
 Me:  Opo, di ko po talaga kamag-anak yun... pero di din po ito ang first time na may nagsabi sakin.
 Tindera:  Ay ganun, kala ko kamag-anak mo talaga, nakakatunaw ang mata.
 (Boyfie was laughing on the side)

So that's it!  it must be my eyes.....  I therefore conclude that my brown eyes are maybe similar to Papa P's... maybe... but I think it still depends on the light reflection.  It may not appear the same all the time but there are time that my eyes are really light brown in color and maybe those are the times that they'll say I look like Papa P.  Wag nyo ako masyadong titigan, baka matunaw kayo.. hahaha!


  1. Hi hi. Katuwa naman. But you are really beatiful as he is handsome:)

    1. Hehehe! Thanks mommy joy. Pero wala ako sa kalingkingan ni papa P... pero thanks ps din. :D

  2. Nakwento sa kin ni ariel ito. hehehe! Sana dinikit mo picture mo kay Papa P para macompare namin. =)

    1. Waaahh! Loko-loko tong si manong ariel. Sabi nya din sakin hawig ko si papa P. Wala ako macompare na picture eh, di ako photogenic. :( sa personal lang.