Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recovery Food

This week has been a stressful week with lots of changes being made in the original plans for our wedding.  After the announcement, our relatives from the states and other parts of the world begged off and as if they reunited together that made us change our wedding date to Dec 31, 2013, the only time available was 6 to 8 PM, waahh!  so this has become the final date and time. I wanted an intimate wedding since the beginning and maybe with this timing, I will be able to achieve it as most on my guest list will not able to make it plus libre fireworks na.#stayingpositive...

With the change in date, everything will be adjusted, the reception is asking for additional 30K pesos and probably everything will ask for a raise, slash ang budget namin. Maybe it is also a blessing in disguise that we did not make any downpayment yet in the reception because we received negative comments about them about the hidden charges and some other things. So we need again to visit the highland this weekend.

So much for the wedding planning stresses, let me shift to a tummy friendly topic to recover.  Yes, the way to overcome our stresses is to find good food and we are grateful to our newly discovered place in BGC.  The name of the restaurant is literally Recovery Food. I like how they setup the restaurant because you can see how the cooks/chiefs prepare your food, the kitchen is kept very clean plus they wear something glass or plastic in their face to maybe block any form of saliva when they talk.  The serving crews are all with pleasing personalities, hunks and sexies.

 I can't really tell from the menu what kind of food they are serving but it's like a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Pinoy, etc... They offer salads for starters, noodles, rice bowls, sandwiches and sweets for desserts.  Their price ranges from 100-300 pesos only.  

I ordered Joe Pho, a rice noodle with fish and kani for 180 pesos, it's a pho without the mint leaf so I guess it is not an authentic Vietnamese Pho while boyfie ordered a Happy Beef Rice for 160 pesos, it tastes like Pares to the highest level, it is their best seller.  I got Ginataan Halo-halo for dessert for 135 pesos only, the serving is almost already a full meal for me, so maybe next time si Ginataan halo-halo na lang i-order ko, solve na agad ako.   For the drinks, you have the option to choose between calamansi, dalandan and iced tea, 99 pesos per bottle.

So yun, we are then recovered and we are already smiling with our big tummies, stresses already forgotten.

Visit them:

Recovery Food 
Unit 5 G/F crossroads
32nd Street corner 8th Ave
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City


  1. For sure makakatipid na rin bisita mo at di na sila maghanda for New Year's Eve. hehehe!

    Ok na rin, ending the year as single and beginning the year na married na. =)

    1. P.S. I forgot to inform you that I tagged you on this post

    2. oo nga eh... new year, new status ako... just right for my timeline.... at 30, baby naman na ang next. yehey!

      hey, michi punta kayo ni manong ariel sama nyo si ethan... serious ako ha....
      i think lagi naman kayo sa Tagaytay ng New Year, hehehe!. I'll send invite pag ready na. asahan ko yan ha?