Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cars and Boys

Why are boys always are so crazy about cars? During our trip last week, boyfie's eyes had a feast for the different sports cars and luxury cars because they were everywhere in Singapore.  Boyfie is not so much fond of pictures so normally we just engrave the places or happenings in our memory.  #sayang

There are only very few instances that he asks for pictures and syempre kelangan pagbigyan... hehehe!

Bumble bee

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  1. Replies
    1. oo nga mommy joy... mahal kasi satin mga to kaya bibihira tayo makakita.

  2. Si ariel naman hindi ako mahilig picturan. Wala tuloy kami ganu pictures ni ethan, sila ang dami-dami ko pictures kahit stolen. =(

    1. ay wawa... ako naman, sa tamad nya magpicture, basta nlng kumukuha ng picture. minsan di maganda... di pa ako photogenic kaya mas malala itsura.. hahaha!