Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sweet Escape

Had an unplanned family vacation last weekend.  My Aunt asked my mom if they could rent one of our jeepneys because they're going to Anawangin Zambales.  Unknowingly, my parents and my other siblings went with them on Friday morning and I was alone when I got home after work.  My other sister also heard about this and off we went to follow all of them.  We started the road at 2:30am and arrived in San Antonio Zambales at 6am bringing along her kids.  Took a boat ride for less than 30 minutes and finally we reached Anawangin.

This is the first time we have a complete family picture together in a vacation trip because my dad and my eldest sister are always out of the country.

Meet my family (from left to right):  Mel (he's the original, but we call him Sadik), Michelle (she's our eldest and the smallest in the family), Me, Maryjo (our youngest, we call her Lich), Mabelle (she's the 2nd child and the mom of these 2 cute kids: Yui and Yanis), my Mom and my Dad.

Ate Mabz, me and my dad

the sisters together with dad, lola lily and lola meldz

me and my dad

The women in my dad's life.

Since I'm always behind the camera, my sister gave me the chance to do my pose... I don't normally upload photos in any networking sites since I don't want to let my guy friends and officemates see me like this and if I don't do blogging, this will be again kept in my hard drive and never be shown publicly.   :P

I intentionally reused the old 2-piece I used when we went here last year,  because I was 10 lbs or maybe more then and I can really now see difference.  I lost the pounds and I gained the confidence. :D

Anyway, I can say that Summer is not really a good time to visit Anawangin.  There were lots of campers and it's really hard to access the restrooms and the wash area.  The place was so crowded and you can't really find the stillness in the area.  I couldn't take pictures without the other campers in it.

Regardless of the crowd, the most important thing is that, our family had a good time together especially the kids.


  1. sexy! =) ayaw pa ko dalhin diyan ni ariel palibhasa nakapunta na siya diyan...

    1. btw, thanks sa pasalubong. naalala mo pa na like ko ang pearl. =)

    2. hey michi, no worries.. I bought several pearls naman ulet :D... sabi ni manong ariel dadalhin din daw kayo sa anawangin, kung kelan? yun yung tanong... hahaha!

    3. pag magaling na daw lumangoy si ethan. when kaya yun. hehe!