Wednesday, February 29, 2012

JS Prom

Have seen some high school girls in Prom dress last night, reminded me of my school days...

One thing I know, it's really not a good thing if you are so active in school because you'll be part of the organizing committee and you'll be very busy with everything and you'll miss the exciting parts of the prom night.

Junior Prom - i was the Junior President then, was part of the organizing committee of course and helped plotted the program.  The only thing I remember was the ballroom dance that we officers are required to and the wardrobe failure I had during that dance, I was a late bloomer and it's my first time to wear a strapless bra and didn't even know how women move with it, it's really uncomfortable to wear.  I noticed that while dancing, i felt that it was moving downwards so i kept on adjusting them.  The strapless bra finally succeeded and my ever gentleman best friend noticed that I was already very uncomfortable so he made an effort to make us a graceful exit.  Another thing I remember that night was the "acceptance of the key of responsibility", the passing of the responsibilities of the seniors to the juniors, and as the president, i needed to make a speech after receiving the key, I had my "kodigo" in my hand and lost it on my way up to the stage, so my speech became very brief and just said "thank you for the key and I accept it".  No one seems to care because everyone was excited for the dance.  And of course, as a member of the organizing committee, we were not given a chance to experience the slow dance because we needed to choose the best couple of the night, the king and queen of hearts, etc...

Senior Year - i was again elected as the Senior President (told yah I'm always the most loved person and it was evident ever since :P)... and again organizer of the JS Prom.  Same roles and responsibilities in the junior year but I made sure that we got to experience the slow dance.  Marami ng nag-abiso to dance with me earlier and I was flattered of course.  And when it's time for me to dance, the moment I've been waiting for... our Directress paged several names including mine to pack up and get ready to leave because of the irregular activity of Mayon Volcano (we used to live just below the Mayon Volcano and our house was within the 10KM radius). , our parents were waiting outside the Hotel and were rushing us to immediately hop in the car. :(

...So there, I think I had the most unfortunate experience for prom and prom happens twice in a lifetime unless you repeat the high school over and over again.

...Slow dance became very important to me after then, so everytime i had one, I treasure every memory of it regardless who am I dancing with.... by the way, had recent slow dance experience but will share to you on my next post. :D


  1. we don't have JS prom in school, conservative daw!?! my mom is also from bicol. =)

  2. naku, mas masaklap pa pala sa inyo... hahaha!
    wow! kababayan ko mom mo :D