Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crazy over Adele

It's been almost a year since I got my car from our company but had no CDs in it until last week when boyfriend got me a CD of Adele, I just forgot the album title because I wasn't able to look at it and just played the CD and let it fill my background.

The CD is a live performance of all her best songs and I guess this is the CD cover.  The album has all original songs composed by Adele herself and she is just so talented to have written all of those great songs.  I think that we bloggers also have the same talent with Adele it's just that she knows how to play and put melodies in it. I just know how to sing but never tried reading notes, composing or even learned to play instruments, guitar in high school is an exemption because I think I can never recall how to play it again.

I still love her songs: Rumour has it, Someone Like You, Rolling in the deep, Turning Tables but I specially liked the Chasing Pavements, an old song but still always makes it the LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for few days now.

All her songs are for heart breaks and sometimes you can just relate to the lyrics...  I have to warn you though, don't listen to the whole CD in one seating else you will feel depressed afterwards.

...Another lunch time, past time moment here :)


  1. at least you know how to sing. =)

  2. ya, me too. pang banyo. And nakakalimutan pa kumanta don. hi hi. Naka depressed pala ang mga kanta, so I prefer uplifting songs na lang. hi hi

    1. sort of... uplifting songs would be better, but i just can't help sometimes to still listen to Adele, her voice is so irresistable. :D