Friday, July 20, 2012

Kissed by an Angel (edited)

We have the youngest runner in the Milo Apex Season 4, a 6-year old boy named Juan Pablo was enrolled by his dad in 5 kilometer group. He's been doing an excellent job on all the drills and circuit training, I can see that he's having fun in all the activities while us, the oldies are already having hard time following the program.

He's obviously the baby of all the runners so since the start, I've been meaning to kiss this little angel and this became my goal eversince that before the season ends, i should be able to kiss him.  Finally, last night I asked him if I can kiss him, he said ok and then kissed me instead.  Almost everyone wanted to kiss him afterwards and you know that the little boys who feel like big boys no longer want to be treated as a baby.  At least I got my kiss and I'm very happy with it, if only I can hug him and kiss him again.... whew! he's so cute and cuddly.    

Upper Left: Pablo and his dad, Upper Right: Coach Jim Saret explaining the routine for that night but look at us, still can't stop doing the post with Pablo, Bottom: Pablo doing the squat thrusts.

Pablo is no longer happy with the attention he's getting from us, who's to blame?  hahaha!
By the way, he already lost his teeth to allow the permanent teeth to replace his milk teeth  :)

.... All along, I've been calling him Paolo, I learned yesterday that he is Juan Pablo. :)