Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mel in Pain

Yes you read it right, I am quite in pain right now from last Tuesday's training. I've got into a minor accident last Tuesday during the training for the speed and power.  I fell during the sprint... for a split of seconds, i just felt I was falling, i tried to control the momentum but i was feeling like paper that is being pushed by the soft wind.  I was still able to support myself using my knee and my right arm before my right hip touched the floor.  I was sliding like I was catching a baseball... my co-runners and coaches rushed towards me and then all I know I started laughing for what has happened.  While they are checking me up on the sides, another runner fell and I think she's more serious than I was.

Everyone was checking on me, asking if I am feeling pain or anything.  They were all so concerned but I really couldn't feel any pain, I was showing my arms that I am not harm in anyway.  When I got home and took a shower, that's when I saw the small scratch on my arm, my knee and my hip, I put on a cold compress to my hip and knee just to prevent them from swelling.  When I woke up this morning, I can feel the pain in my right hip, there's purple area on it and also on my left knee.

Had to use my Sick Leave for the first time and it's all worth it.. I've got to rest even for one whole day, of course I'm going to skip the Wednesday running session, but will surely be back on Thursday, kulet ko noh?


  1. fighting spirit:) That is all it takes:)

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    1. hey michi! thanks for the Yoga GCs... this is actually my next target and Pilates :D

  3. yep yep... the pain will be gone in a few days, but the experience and the learning will always be remembered. :D