Monday, July 30, 2012


I know for sure everyone of us had our favorite teacher in school.  I had few teachers that I liked but among all of them, Sir Joel Asubar was my favorite.  I was awed in Electronics when he became my teacher, he knew electronics by heart, not only in theories but in experience.

Sir Joel has previously worked in Nagaoka University of Technology in Japan as a Post Doctoral Researcher and now he is with Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics in Hokkaido University as a Post Doctoral Research Scientist.  Grabe talaga! he's a genius!

Molecular Beam Epitaxy
"Ang pinakahi-tech na pagprepare ng semiconductor kasi atom by atom ang deposition kaya nakakagawa ng quantum wells and quantum dots."... Nosebleed? Ako din... hahaha!

2 weeks ago, his wife, the prettiest and the youngest teacher in Mapua during our time added us to a group that are asked to take picture of ourselves holding a piece of paper with the "Happy Birthday Sir Joel" message.  It is for his 38th birthday celebration.

And this morning, I received a message coming from Sir Joel.... I was so flattered to receive this message from him.  He is super my idol until now... this surely made my day... Happy Monday everyone!

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