Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mel conquers MNK Part II

So, here's the exciting part...

18 kilometers... never in my life I imagined running this far... I thought those who run that distance is not anymore making it a hobby, unless they're up for competition, they are crazy! ... and I am now one of the crazy runners who runs in the middle of nowhere and under the heat of the sun, imagine that?

Sarcastic Mel ... photo courtesy of Riza Aquino

But, there's no regret having the burnt skin and some blisters in my feet.  Although I am now being called as "NG" in the office, as in "Negra Girl", i will never regret the experience and the fun especially after the run.

Here's what happened...

We occupied the beach front of the Balete public library, two summer umbrellas towering the tables with the food especially prepared for us.  We burnt all the calories so we needed to reload, but what really happened was i think gluttony...  Here's our menu:  Daing na Bangus, Daing na Tilapia, Liempo, Red Rice, Itlog na Maalat, Puto, Dinuguan, Tuna Pasta, Adobo, Pork Binagoongan, LECHON!, Fruit Salad, Fruits and drinks, this is apart from the Ice Drops that we had from uphill.

The food were so delicious especially the Tuna Pasta and the Adobo that were prepared by Coach Jackie, the itlog na maalat and the liempo prepared by Coach Janette's crew.

Feast your eyes with these delicious food!

Ang Lechon, bow!
After having the feast, each of us found our own place to rest and appreciate the beauty of the nature. I really thought we were in the ocean, but I was wrong, we were are the beach front of the Taal Lake so the water is not salty.  
There were kids swimming in the lake and look! they are all nude!
Coach Janette and Mommy Normz couldn't resist the water so they joined the nude kids, the swimming kids rather... hahaha!

Take home girl!

There were still lots of food left so everyone got something for take home.

The dripping sweats, the aching bodies, the tan lines, the smiles, the fun, the food, the laughter.  Conquering the Mataas na Kahoy is indeed a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. Kudos to the TIC (Team Ice Cream), this is the best LSD ever!

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  1. sabihin mo, pretty NG naman. =D

    1. i like it better now, someone told me my skin is glowing... baka kasi maputla ako before ngaun may color na.. yebah!