Friday, July 27, 2012

Digital Photography

When my previous company was about to close its facility here in the Philippines 3 years ago, they were generous enough not to leave us hopeless and empty handed.  It was really a great company to have given us a year to prepare and to provide us different livelihood and skills training.   One of the training I enrolled was the basic digital photography.  I can no longer recall the instructor but I believe he was a professional photographer.

I learned the basics but I wasn't able to practice the manual settings.  It is always fun taking pictures but I notice that I'm always behind the camera. I seldom have pictures and if someone is kind enough to get the camera from me, I seldom have good pictures.  I'm not photogenic I know, but it will make me look better if it is taken properly, like this one:

Chubby Mel.  Photo taken by Chris Balla
All settings are perfectly set.
I'm just not sure though if this will display  the same quality as the original photo.

And if you are used to using a brand of a camera, like Nikon, you'll have difficulty in setting the Canon, or vise versa.  So normally, it is best to use the automatic mode so you'll not waste any important moment, capture everything!

I came across this cheat sheet and this is awesome!

Manual settings of both Nikon and Canon DLSR.

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