Saturday, May 18, 2013

12 years

Good morning everyone!  This is another special day for me because today is the 12th year when I said YES to my boyfriend... May 18 is our anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend.  12 long years and finally next year it will be reset to zero... If you have been following my blog in a while, you will know our love story.

He bought me flowers yesterday and a coloud headset since I again lost my mobile headset recently, he set it up in the couch with a happy anniv art in my ipad... My baby is always so sweet... 


Anyway, we don't have a grand plan for today because we will be having an out of a country trip soon.    Tagaytay is the easiest escape so we checked out the accuweather to ensure our trip will be worth while since last night had been raining cats and dogs, we don't want to be soaked in the rain and catch colds again.  


We are about to leave, Boyfie is already calling me for the nth time.... Hope I can share more later... Stay tuned. Bye for now ^_^