Sunday, May 26, 2013

When it rain, it pours...

What is with today? It seems that everything that are happening today are not in my favor... :(. This is not my first time going out of the country but it seems it really is and I am so helpless.

Going to the airport this morning, i met a heavy traffic because of the water pipes that are damaged somewhere in pasay-airport road.  Aside from the long queue going inside the airport and the boarding area, i thought everything will be fine.  

Touched down Changi Airport at 11:30am and i thought I will be resting in my hotel in the next hour.  Then the mishaps started... I did not bring any cash aside from the P1000 in my wallet, I did not anticipate that the corporate credit card will fail me big time.  I couldn't do Cash Advance because the pin was not activated by the bank.  I did not worry much because I have my personal credit card and I thought I can do cash advance from it, but I couldn't because I forgot the pin number and the bpi customer service couldn't help me and the only thing they suggested is to recall my pin... Ggggrrrr!

And so I thought I have my ATM card, it is a BPI express teller INTERNATIONAL card and i am stressing the international coz it is supposed to work outside the Philippines, right? But to my dismay, I also couldn't do any transaction.  I then again called the customer service and I was informed that the ATM is not enrolled for international use... WHAT???!!!  Pag minamalas ka nga naman...  I was so frustrated and was about to cry then the customer service agreed to activate it up to the length of my stay here in SG.  It was past 2PM and I was still in the airport, I needed to wait for another hour before I can use my ATM.  i was already hungry but I had no appetite to eat... And finally, I was so relieved when I was able to withdraw 200 SGD.  #tumatalonSaTuwa.

I grabbed my lunch in Toast Box... Di ko masyado gusto food dito because I have tried it in BGC before but because I don't want to think of anything anymore, I forced myself to fill my stomach with this, a chicken floss toast bread for 1.80 SGD and a lemon iced tea for 2.30 SGD.

And finally took a cab going to the hotel... On my way to the hotel, a heavy rain and a heavy traffic welcomed me, these things don't usually happen in SG as per the taxi driver. #TalagaNamanOh!

And finally, I reached the hotel at 5PM... Then I received the worst news of all the bad news I had today.  My corporate credit card was declined, my personal credit card was also declined... Syempre tawag na naman ulet ako sa BPI... And confirmed my credit cards have been blocked because of the few attempts of Cash Advance and will be reactivated on Tuesday.... Nnnnnoooooooooo!!!!!

Para akong binagsakan ng langit at lupa, sobrang nakakapanhina... seriously I cried at the lobby calling boyfie.  I kept on updating him on what is happening to me since I arrived here in SG and he already asked help sa friends namin... They are coming over the hotel to rescue me... #nakaabala pa

Pero I remember calling my pinoy officemate, I only met him once but we are communicating in email.  He came to the hotel in no time and took all the charges for my expenses in the hotel, treated me for dinner and gave me a little tour to the MRT stations...sobrang hulog ng langit!

Seriously, I am thanking God for sending in help when I needed it the most.  Hence, the saying is really true that there's always a rainbow after the rain.  Hope tomorrow will be better.  Good night everyone!


  1. What a day! Buti may Godsend na dumating. Kung sa kin nangyari yan maiiyak na rin ako at feeling hopeless.

    Really, hindi activated yung atm mo. Before we went in HK I texted my friend to check kung makakawithdraw ko international kasi namomoblema pa ko sa HK dollar nun. She told me, international activated yung kay ariel pero sa kin hindi. Punta ko sa branch or call to activate pero hindi ko na ginawa since may BDO na card ako for back-up. So feeling ko since payroll yun at panay alis niyo kaya activated yung kay ariel.

    About credit card naman, tumatawag si ariel sa BPI bago umalis para magpaincrease ng limit, reason niya mag-abroad kaya never siya nagkaproblem sa paggamit. Yung personal card niya ang medyo may problem, overused na yata at minsan ayaw tanggapin maski local.

    Takot ako sa ganito kaya I make sure na may hawak ako na money bago umalis, nagpapapalit ako sa airport kung wala ko nakuha sa bank.

    Parang blog na yung comment ko. Nablog ko na kasi ito dati pag-uwi ko ng HK. hehehe!

    Hugs na lang. Everything will be fine.

    1. P.S. May international charge din sa pag withdraw sa atm so as much as possible isang withdraw lang para iwas charge.

      Lagi umuulan sa SG anytime of the day, ganun experience namin nung nagpunta kami and yun din sabi ng dati ko ofcmate na nagstay lang ng 6mos sa SG kasi panay ulan. I'm not sure kung nataon lang.

      Si Garret ba yun? =)

    2. I couldn't agree more... This never happened to me before sa mga previous companies ko because naka American Express cc kami. Wala na ko magagawa, nangyari na eh. Hopefully, today is a better day na.
      Thanks for the hugs, send my regards to manong ariel.

  2. Grabe experience mo. Buti na lang nag padala ng angel si Lord. And na saved ka for the day. Hope it will be better today:)

    1. Yes mommy joy... God is really good. Ok na po ako dito... my credit cards are now all working. Thanks God talaga. :)