Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parokya ni Edgar in Cebu

I don't normally care if I see famous people like politicians, artists, actors and actresses. I don't know what strucked me last Thursday that made me decide to ask personally Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar if I can take picture with him.

It happened Thursday morning in the buffet breakfast of Parklane Hotel in Cebu. I saw Dindin first, and I think there's already a facial recognition that he was really Dindin and the next thing I did was to search for Chito without noticing that the man beside me was already him... Unconsciously, the next thing I know I was already pulling out my Ipad and started asking him for a picture, where did that courage came from?!!! I also saw Vinci and the rest of the band members in their breakfast table but I no longer had the courage to ask for another one. #nakakahiya

This is my very first time that I ask an artist for a picture, and I will be a hypocrate if i'll say that I would never ask another famous person for a picture again, pano na kung si John Lloyd Cruz na nakita ko? i'll even ask Angelica to take my picture with lloydie...hahaha! #SuperFanMode

Anyway, I have always been a fan of Parokya ni Edgar since elementary days... Guess it was not really a bad desicion afterall, wala naman nawala :)


  1. ako din nahihiya magpapicture, bak apag naumpisahan na noh, tuloy-tuloy na. hehehe!

    1. waaahhh! di ko maisip na magpapicture ulet sa kanila, unless super fan ako, hehehe!