Saturday, May 25, 2013

Farewell baby RR

It is Saturday morning today and I woke up quite early, I suddenly start browsing and clearing my photos in ipad and I see a lot of pictures that are still not published.  There are several pictures that caught my eyes and one of them is a collage picture of our baby brother RR.  I suddenly I felt so sad thinking that this little angel will be just with us until end of this month.

Here's his story:

My parents brought in a few weeks old baby last year to our house.  It broke my heart knowing the reason why they got the baby but I will not elaborate the story of the real parents, I was kind of angry with them being so irresponsible to this little child.   The poor baby was so thin and smelly, and my mom said the mother couldn't even take care of herself that is why the baby is not receiving the right nutrition and not being fed on time... hello? a breatfeeding mother should just let his son feed anytime, right?  Our judgemental neighbors call him a smelly baby and won't even look at him, mukha daw alien kasi.

Baby RR is now 8 months old and he is growing healthy and so handsome.  He's now the source of joy to my parents since we are all so grown ups now and are seldom seen at home because of work.  He became part of our everyday lives, his giggles and cries and his pa-cute smiles and everything makes our stress go away.  My dad who did not experience much taking care of us when we were babies because of work is just like a first time dad and it's really cute seeing them play together.  Everyone is so fond of him now.

Anyway, we talked about adopting this baby and make him a legal part of our family... But the real father plead to my father that he is willing to sign any papers but let the child use his surname and let him see the baby anytime.  I don't understand why my parents allowed this but they just signed papers in barangay, I am nagging my parents about that decision because I know without the legal process, the real parents can just take away the baby from us anytime.  

And now, my fear is becoming a reality.  Just this election day, the real father told my parents that he is getting baby RR back and he is giving us to be with the baby until end of this month.  He is so absurd! We know that he is not capable of raising this baby because he is even struggling raising his 2 kids and the real wife is so angry of this baby.  We fear that baby RR will not be well taken care of and the worst, he might receive maltreatment from his madrasta and his 2 half brothers.  

I am again nagging my parents to seek help from DSWD or anyone who can help to let the baby stay with us.  Baby RR will have a bright future with us, how can the father not understand this?  But I again don't understand my parents decision... I can't really understand the parent thing that they are saying at all.... Gggrrr!  

I am leaving for my trip tomorrow morning and when I go back the week after, I know baby RR will no longer be there. I don't know if I can even recognize him when I see him again all grown up in the future or if we can even still see him.  I just hope and wish that baby RR will receive the love and the care like my parents are giving him, that is what every child deserves.


  1. Pinaclose lang sa niyo yung bata tapos kukunin din. I hope mabuhay siya ng real parents niya.

    Enjoy SG!

    1. Sana nga michi... but i still hope next week pagbalik ko nasamin pa rin sya. :(

  2. Kalungkot naman. Pero na guilty siguro father kaya ganon. Hope he will be fine.
    Have a nice week end Mel.