Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mangoes in Cebu

I am a mango lover and I know that Guimaras has the sweetest mango in the whole world... I am not sure if I already tried the Mangoes from Guimaras so I can't really tell if the sweet mangoes I have tried my entire life is from there.

But oh boy, the Mangoes here in Cebu may qualify in the sweetest mango contest too (worldwide edition), if there is any. Hahaha! I love them so much so even if I am sufferring from soar throat, I did order for a Mango shake over lunch in El Salvador Resort. And during breakfast at Parklane Hotel where I spent my night here in Cebu, the ever friendly hotel crew named Edilberto suggested for me to try the fresh ripe mango, they especially delivered the freshly cut mango in my table. #specialservice

When you visit Cebu, do try their Mango... Sarap!