Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gavino's Japanese Donuts and More

Had enough of cronuts?  Let's try a different dougnuts then.... Yes, the Japanese have their own version of doughnuts, they look pretty much similar to the usual doughnuts that we know but just wait until you take your first bite.

If you were able to taste Mochi, the Japanese ice cream, you will have a similar biting experience for their donuts, just take away the freezing coat from you teeth, and its already the donut.  For the benefit of those who don't have any idea, i'll just describe my first bite experience.  

Japanese donut is chewy, not the chewy rubber type, but it is chewy soft that melts in your mouth.  When I tried my first bite, I can't decide much if it has a chocolatey or caramelly taste, so I disected the donut and checked out what was inside.  The filling is i guess a combination of both caramel and chocolate, so there's no need for debate, the donut have them both.  This is what you call love at first bite.

Gavino's donut can be found in several branches: Robinsons Ermita, Landmark Trinoma, SM Megamall, Greenhills and Banawe.  1 box of 6 costs 160 pesos only.


  1. Grabe, dami na donut dito sa Pinas...Di ko pa nga natry yung mochi ice cream...

    1. oo nga, nakakaloka na ang donuts, iba ibang klase.
      Try the mochi ice cream, masarap, medyo 70 pesos din isa.