Friday, August 9, 2013

Pho 24

Browsing my photos this morning, I saw these pictures from Pho 24 and realized I have missed posting them.  I am a fan of Vietnamese food especially the Pho (Vietnamese noodles), their Salad and the Spring Rolls.  Pho Hoa is my number one Vietnamese restaurant but I also liked this new restaurant in Libis called Pho 24.

We were able to dined in here early this year during their trial period.  Now, the restaurant is operating 24 hours from the last time we visited the place.  Pho 24 is serving rice meals and different Pho noodles, price ranges from P150 - P350.  I tried the chicken pho and boyfie for beef pho, you can't expect the noodles to be the best but they are already very good considering the affordable price per bowl.  Plus you will have the chance to see how they prepare them as they also have a glass window to their kitchen.  The spring rolls however are just like the regular lumpiang shianghai that we know of, the only thing that makes it different are the sauce and the lettuce wrap.  I'd say I still prefer the spring rolls of Pho Hoa especially their sauce.

Overall, i am satisfied with my dining experience and will still go back to Pho 24.  Rating is 4/5 stars.

If you happen to pass by libis, try to visit Pho 24, it is located just outside the Eastwood City after the Mercury Drugs and Police Station (north-bound).

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