Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sa Sipon o Trangkaso, I-Sinuzip mo!

I've been nursing my colds for the past 2 days, it felt like I am having a fever and today I really had no choice but to avail my Sick Leave.  I am already feeling the symptoms of Flu: body pain, cold and fever; but I don't want to take any medicine.  What I do was water therapy but I realized that my condition will not change if I will continue not having any help of a medicine.  

Boyfie was of course always on my side and he brought this Sinozip since the moring but I kept ignoring it not until tonight.  This when I realized it is not the usual medicine in capsule or tablet form.  Sinuzip is an Analgesic/Decongestant in powder solution in sachet form, available in Lemon and Lemon Green Tea flavor, to be taken every 4-6 hours.  It is like taking a lemonade #masarap.  As stated in their tagline, Talagang "kakaiba ito! Sa sipon o trangkaso, i-Sinuzip mo!"  Hope this will be an effective relief for my colds... I still have yet to feel the effect aside from the drowsiness that I am feeling now.  I have to say goodnight to everyone... Hope to feel better tomorrow.


  1. Get well soon Mel! Take care..

  2. nagSL din si Ariel last Friday, BioFlu ang katapat. =) Get well soon!

    1. oo nga, uso yata talaga sakit ngaun... thanks mommy michi!