Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Le Coeur de France Cronuts

Still the battle for the cronuts is in.  And now we have tried the cronuts of Le Coeur de France. It is smaller compared to Dunkin' Donuts and is more expensive, P89 per piece. But the cronuts from Le Coeur de France is awesomely more delicious.  

The berry on the right side of the picture tasted like the one I usually make in my bread everytime I am in a hotel for breakfast.  I usually put a butter on a toasted bread and add a strawberry jelly in it.  This captured my tastebuds and i loved it.  Just don't mind much the appearance, the jelly seems not evenly spread or it was just messed up with the wrapper.

The chocolate cronut apparently has a dark chocolatey taste.  I can't really describe it as I only tried 1 small bite but boyfie said it's deliciously perfect for his taste. Hhmmm.... gotta try it next time.

So there, i think I will be checking out other cronuts if I see them from other bakeries and will of course share them to you.  Happy eating!

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