Saturday, August 31, 2013


Who needs a new pair of shoes? I do... As in I really need na daw to buy new shoes.  Bakit ba? I can still use my old shoes pa naman, super matibay naman yun, from baha, putik at iba pa, napagdaanan na nun kahit anong panahon pero buhay pa din.  Ewan ko ba, pero sino tatanggi sa libre? 

We were checking out shoes one weekend para pang office ni father in law to be when we happened to passby the Sebago store.  I just know Sebago is famous for top-sider shoes and they are expensive that's why I never checked their products. I never honestly had topsider shoes except maybe when I was a kid.  So when we got inside the store, I saw the shoes for women and they have very cool designs.  I had an eye on one of the designs so I tried it on and they perfectly fit my big feet.  

I have no plan in buying so I immediately re-place it back to its shelf.  Everyone picked their shoes and we had a total of ~P18000.  We are P2K short to avail the loyalty card worth P20K so they urged me to get the pair that I picked earlier.  I was having a second thought if I should get it or not.  Then boyfie said bagay nga daw sakin then he asked the staff to get a new stock and immediately paid for my new pair of shoes.  Wala na ako magawa, or should I say nagtatatalon ako sa tuwa, for my new pair of shoes, LIBRE!

Sebago for women is a lot more cheaper (P3500) than those for men (P5000 and above).  They have so many branches in different malls and in department stores.  Try to visit their store, you'll never know  one of the pairs is also meant for you, sana nga lang may man libre din :)

Salamat sa libre!  Sa uulitin! :)


  1. I need new pair of shoes... tnx for this post... kaya kaya ng budget? hmmmnnn

    1. Kayang kaya mo yan senyor. Tsaka mukhang matibay naman yung shoes kaya worth yung money. :)

  2. Replies
    1. alam kasi nun kuripot ako sa sarili kaya he do buys me things. :)

  3. Para sa loyalty card...hehehe! Mahalia ang shoes pero maganda nga...