Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hair Scare

Today was the measurement for the gown of my entourage.  So early in the morning, the first that I picked up was my niece Yanis.  Because of my busy schedule, I seldom visit the kids lately and if I do, it will be very limited time because the kids also have school in the morning.  There were little bonding moments with us so I have not even noticed the changes in the kids haircut.

I noticed this morning that my niece Yanis have split ends and when I checked the split ends were everywhere.  I was worried so I asked the Yaya what happened.  She said, they had a haircut in INDEX salon (where was that?!).  Soon after our appointment to the designer was over, we immediately went to the mall and let her have a haircut.

The haistylist from FIX said, the damage on the hair must've gotten from the cutting method that was used to style.  Blades should not be used in the first place since she still have baby hairs and is still so soft and brittle, blades are normally used for cutting guys hair and not for women.  Split ends are like virus and if not controlled will damage the hair up to the roots.

I was so relieved that Yanis' beautiful hair can still be saved.  Lagot kami sa mommy pag-uwi if di naagapan...  #SuperHairScare


  1. Replies
    1. i need to mommy joy, wala si mommy nila to check out the kids.

  2. The way you handled it, parang ang split ends ay isang problemang nangangailangan talaga ng immediate solution. I know Index salon... kaya pala mura, may free split ends ang results...

    Akala ko, hair scare para sa hair style mo sa wedding eh...

    1. hahaha... tama! kelangan talaga ng immediate solution ng split ends, nakakasira ng hair kasi. panic mode ako nung nakita ko yun kahapon. #OA ^_^