Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back to where I belong

Visited my original dentist today after 2 long years.  I've tried the other dentists (in the malls) because I can't make time to travel to his clinic but I found difference on the result after the oral prophylaxis and laminates.

Doc Ogsimer is our family dentist and he took care of our teeth eversince I can remember.  We just call him Doc and all members of his family are also in line with the same field... guess they just really love teeth :D.

For those two years i missed going to his clinic, I was surprised that he still knows every detail of my teeth.  He knew that I had my laminates from the other dentist and he kept on commenting that those were not properly done.  As you know I had my braces 8 years ago and i had a perfect smile after taking them off.  Doc was explaining to me that because of that laminates it made a difference on my bite and my lower teeth was affected and caused some misalignments.  He also noticed that my teeth alignment are becoming square-type wherein my front teeth are equally aligned with their neighbor teeth, as in super pantay daw.  I thought that's how the teeth should look like but I was wrong.  Doc explained to me that kind of alignment makes me look older.  Based on the model, the upper front teeth should be more dominant than their neighbor teeth.

I was hesitant of the thought of having bigger front teeth but was told that it's the norm that will make me have a youthful smile.  Well, who am I to contest? so I allowed Doc to use his magic hands to perform all the work to make my teeth look better again.

Doc insisted for me to try to get used to this bugs bunny looking teeth and if for weeks that I don't really like them, he can always return them to its original size.

Visit his clinics at:

CYS Oral Health Wellness Center & Laboratory
Dr. Teofilo Y. Ogsimer, Jr., DMD, FPAID
Implantologist - Orthodontics

18A Republic Super Market Bldg., 
Rizal Avenue cor. Soler St., 
Sta Cruz, Manila

101 Armstrong Ave., 
Moonwalk Subd., Phase 1
Paranaque City

0526 Quirino Avenue
San Dionisio, Paranaque City

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