Friday, February 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

... it's midnight now, but sleep won't visit me yet, maybe because i had 3 hours sleep this afternoon after work or my mind is still working after doing my presentations for tomorrow.  Anyway, I just recall the topic in the wake up show with Vince and Tracy this morning about the guilty pleasures.  I wanted to join the discussion but I figured I have better things to prioritize. So I'll just list down here my guilty pleasures:

1) Even with so much thing to do... i still have time writing in my diary, sometimes to the point that my journal is done but what i'm working is left half-made. :D

2) Sweets... who can resist sweets?... Two reasons why I should be in control of my sweet intake: 1) I have problem with my soar throat when I take too much sweets 2) "Sweets" is the number 1 catalyst for my weight gain, have proven that after taking off the desserts in my meals, have lost 5-10 lbs.

3) Old music...I can't live without music and probably won't last a day without doing at least humming for the LSS songs.  There are lots of new songs each year and I admit they are all good music...  But in my playlist after playing several new songs, I tend to shift genre to older songs, maybe because I think all the possible emotions I am having each day has a song for it... And, at the end of the day... i normally tune to piano music, these are mind relaxing music, can also boost some emotions and has calming effect afterwards. I only have few of these from Carter Burwell and Rob Pattinson in my playlist though, so will probably explore more of it next time.

....oh's now late... my eyes are now stressed... will add more on my next post...

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