Monday, February 20, 2012

Stage Fright

It's 3M's 48th year Anniversary today and the new hires from last year are to perform as part of the 3M culture.  We are suppose to perform last 2011 Christmas party but the event was cancelled so the performance was pushed out to this year's anniversary.  We were told by RK few weeks ago about this performance but we can't even find time for it due to our toxic schedules.  The new hires had only 1 night to rehearse and we pretty much learned the steps by heart.  Before the performance, we had 1 more sweep and everything was perfect.  I was the one who was placed in front together with Rhea and Tin to lead everyone especially those who weren't able to attend the practice.

Preparing for our number, Kate Belmonte volunteered to touch up some make-up to us participants.  She was so amazing she was able to make me look different, she only did my eyes and the rest stayed the same but it really made a lot of difference.  When I went out the restroom, I felt like some eyes laid on me and it made my heart go erratic.

When RK called out the new hires, all the people went crazy and went very close to the stage and were shouting and cheering.  I heard my name being called out by my team, cheering for me.  When the song started, my mind went blank, i can't even hear the music and all I can see were wild people still shouting and making fun of us.  I couldn't recall the steps and the next thing I know, I was dancing different steps from the rest.  Good thing Rhea was still in the front gracefully dancing, and i had the courage to know the next steps by looking at her.

There were lots of cellphones in front of the audience I feel like everyone's taking videos and pictures.  My face was so flushed even before the dance ended.  I was grateful that it was only 3 minutes of shame.  I just hope no one will upload any video in facebook. :(


  1. mukhang nice sila ngayon, walang powder or water na binuhos?

  2. pano mo nalaman? nabuhusan ba hubby mo dati.. ang daya ni manong ariel di man lang nagbigay ng tip.. hmp! Buti di nila ginawa yun, pero nasabe lang samin after ng performance na meron daw dating mga ganun... buti behave na silang lahat. hehehe!