Friday, February 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Part II

... to continue with the my guilty pleasures

4) Twilight Saga ... as much as I don't want to admit it, but I fell in love with this book series.  I don't know how many times I read these books, have even bought both the paper back and the limited edition compilation of this series, I also had the e-books and audio books.  I'm not really a fan of the movie but still love the source of the story so I also got copies of all parts and looking forward for the 2nd part of the breaking dawn.  My sisters kept asking why I read these books over and over again... and i can't really answer why I couldn't get over with the story...  Because of this, I had a hard time reading another similar genre so I shifted to Nicholas Sparks, and then gone crazy and cried on all his books.

5) Sidney Sheldon - I just love how this author makes up the power on the characters of his books.  I don't know how he does it but he makes all the women become so powerful and I love him for that.  Last two years, I traded for a complete compilation of his books over a travel vacation with my boyfriend (he offered it and he knew exactly that I can't resist the offer)... so he ended up travelling with his friends and I guess he also loved the trip without me :).

6) Harry Potter - no words to describe how J.K Rowling wrote this series... PERFECT! I loved the movie as well and became emotional during the last big screen movie of the deathly hollows part 2.  Comparing to the Twilight Saga, the HP movie series were almost played page per page of the book, it's pretty much as if I can read the texts on the screen :)... Last year I was tempted to buy the limited edition chest box for the compilation of the hard bounds but held myself...7K worth of books is not so practical at all besides I still don't own a house to have my own bookshelf or mini library where I can put all my collections.

7) Betty Boop - not really with the same beauty like the princesses in the fairy tales but I just love how naughty and voluptuous Betty Boop looks like.  Let's just say because I'm kinda conservative, I let Betty portray the possible sexiness I have in me. :P

8) Virtual Babble - though it's hard to admit, virtual babble sometimes makes my day more exciting and makes me look forward to next days.

9) Random books from Book Sale - this is my one-stop shop when I run out of books to read... you can find books with prices less than 100 pesos if you have limited budget and reserve books if they are expecting delivery of books that you like.  I found a book last year of Mary Balough's The Huxtible Series for only 95 pesos, but can no longer find the other parts... until now, I'm checking once in a while if they already have the other part of the series, but still no luck.   Mary Balough's books are written in a classical texts that is likely similar to William Shakespeare's writings... it's hard to read this kind of writing at first but as you go along, you can also feel how powerful each character were built up and the twist in every story like Sidney Sheldon's and you know how exciting this kind of stories can be.

10) Anime - Sailor Moon - I no longer watch any of the sailor moon series and I can no longer track how many parts are there now, the last thing I remember, it was Sailor Moon R or Super S, 15 years ago?  I just found sailor  moon cute especially when she says my favorite line "Paparusahan kita sa ngalan ng pag-ibig!" and when Tuxedo mask appear on the scene....  Naruto - super makulit, I think I also stopped watching during the Shippuden parts... Saber Marrionette, etc.... isip-bata pa rin ako sometimes... and I love the feeling :) ... but I can no longer find time to watch any of it and I think di na healthy for me to spend time watching.


  1. i've read some nicholas sparks books and naiyak din ko. =)

  2. May upcoming movie si Nicholas Sparks - the lucky one. Will be shown on April... Prepare your hanky :)