Monday, February 27, 2012

Personality Plus

Attended the book review today of Amron regarding Personality Plus by Florence Littauer as part of his project for the Future Leaders Program.  He did a good job in delivering the overall message of the book and was able to engage his audience on assessing their own personality by giving a very simple activity.

From the activity, I was able to know that Peaceful Phlegmatic is my most dominant temperament and I agreed with the result.

Here are the positive attributes of a Peaceful Phlegmatic person:

  • Happy Reconciled to Life
  • Low-Key Personality
  • Easygoing
  • Calm
  • Cool and Collected
  • Patient – Well Balanced
  • All Purpose
  • Has administrative ability
  • Mediates Problems
  • Easy to get along with has many friends
  • Is a good listener

And the problems with Peaceful Phlegmatic Person and what to do to address them:

  • Problem# 1: PP are not exciting
    • Try to get enthused
    • Try something new

  •  Problem# 2: PP Seems Lazy
    • Learn to accept responsibility for your life
    • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today
    • Motivate yourself

  •  Problem# 3: PP have a quiet will of iron
    •  Learn to communicate your feelings

  •  Problem#4: PP appear wishy-washy
    •  practice making decision
    •  Learn to say no!

The Peaceful Phlegmatic as noted by Amron are the ideal leaders, usually the best leaders... really???  was seem interested, no wonder I was the most loved boss during my times in manufacturing industry and everyone, even not my subordinates liked me a lot.  Of course I am guilty for most of the problems listed above, but at least I understand now why I am like this and how to motivate myself.  

Also with this activity, our team was able to know each of our personalities:
Boss Ed - is also a  Peaceful Phlegmatic
Darryl - Perfect Melancholy, usually they are the thinker, genius-intellect, talented and creative, perfectionist (high standards), detail conscious, economical, likes list, graphs and figures, orderly and organized, serious and purposeful.
Jed, Amron, Elsa, Tom are all Powerful Choleric, they are the born leaders, most dominant, are usually right, strong-willed, goal-oriented, organizes well, thrives on opposition, can run anything, compulsive need for change, has little need for friends.

Our team is really a great mix of personalities and most of them are dominants and unfortunately I am the submissive one.  Let's see how are we going to blend with each other but at least we are all willing to adjust from each other's personality. 


  1. i took this quiz in FB and the result is choleric.

  2. cool.. then you'll naturally blend with popular sanguine and complements with perfect melancholy.

  3. Btw, here are mostly of your problems:

    Problem: PC are compulsive worker
    Learn to Relax
    Enjoy the Relaxation Time
    Take the pressure of Others
    Plan Leisure Activities

    Problem: PC must be in Control
    Respond to other Leadership
    Don’t look down on the ‘Dummies’
    Stop Manipulating

    Problem: PC don’t know how to handle People
    Practice Patience
    Keep advise until asked
    Tone down your approach
    Stop arguing and causing trouble

    Problem: PC are right but unpopular
    Let someone else be right
    Learn to Apolologize
    Admit you have some faults

    1. thanks! parang puro negative. hehe! practice patience!

  4. noting the positive side, powerful choleric are:
    Born Leader
    Excels in Emergencies
    Strong-willed and Decisive

    Goal Oriented
    Organizes Well
    Delegates Work
    Thrives on Opposition

    Can run anything
    Is usually right
    Compulsive need for change
    Has Little need for Friends

    If given a chance to improve, I would like to be one... want to have stronger personality, be more independent... :D

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