Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exactly the things I expected to happen happened...

It's the happy hearts day and I went home early after office.  BF picked me up from home, with bouquet of flowers in his passenger seat.  So sweet of him he remembered the stargazer lilies i mentioned to him a long time ago and a dozen roses with some hearts and baby's breath as fillers.  It's not really practical to buy stargazers in this season because I know the normal price for 1 stem is already around 600 to 2K php, so what do you expect more for this season? ... he told me that this flower caught his attention while he was choosing the flowers for the bouquet arrangement and that he didn't know that it was stargazer at first, when the flower vendor said that it was the stargazer, he suddenly recalled that I told him once about it.  I really appreciate them not because of the value but the true beauty of this flower.

After hopping in his car, he handed me my favorite chocolates one at a time (ferrero and kisses), forgot to tell him I weighed-in last Monday for the Biggest Loser contest in the office... never mind, I never intend to win anyway; I just worry for my soar throat.

Drove to some place for dinner.  On the restaurant, a photographer approached us and took some pictures of us for free.. cool! Afterwards, we bought Krispy Kreme for home and I wasn't surprised at all to see all their donuts in heart shape except for the original glazed donuts.   Also bought some flowers for my mom to fill in my dad's place.

Finally, the long awaited question ..............

..... is still a "missing" question.  Exactly the things I expected to happen happened this v-day except for one.  I don't really want to expect it to happen but I still hoped for it somehow... it's false alarm again.

..... guess have no choice but to move on...again.... it will come soon I hope.


  1. hi mel, followed your blog. always remember that "God has perfect timing; never early and never late. it takes a little patience and faith but it's worth the wait." =)

  2. Hi Michi, yeah i know...i need more patience, long long patience :) Most of the people have been telling me to start asking and it's making me more antsy bout it, will try my best to hold myself and will let God take the wheel from me.

    Thanks for following... haven't decided yet who to invite in my blogsite, glad you followed. You're the 2nd follower actually, the first one is my sister, she's also Michelle.