Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday... and I'm too early

My boyfriend is not feeling well since last week and no one's gonna take care of him since he's alone in his house, his parents live somewhere near his place so I advise him to stay there during the morning so her mom can take care of him.  I was of course busy with work and couldn't stay in his place last week, so I made sure to take care of him on Saturday.

I suggested that I stay in his place while he's still feeling sick and can just drive early going to work but again did not accept my suggestion.  I can see that he felt the need of someone to always be there by his side especially in times like this, but still very arrogant and won't entertain the thought.

So I end up setting my alarm clock every 6 hours for his medication and call him up every time.  So at 4 o'clock this morning, after calling him, I can no longer force myself to sleep... and had no choice but to prepare for work and arrived in Mckinley at 6am...

...too early, so I had plenty of time to eat my breakfast, check the weekend mails, and prepare again for the upcoming presentations for this week.

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