Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This past few days I felt so restless with the busy schedule at work and some personal stuffs, the need to always be prepared for something, the non-physical stresses and the like... they're really exhausting.  I now had the chance to finally cope up with that restlessness by reaching home early and taking a good nap, I can now feel that tomorrow will be just an ordinary day, lighter that the previous days.  Excited by the book sharing of Jaybee in the morning and will just have one presentation for the business comm meeting with Andy in the afternoon.  There will be mini-celebration afterwards for a job well done in 2011, being the only group who met 2011's OP.  Then, it will be Friday again and I know it will only pass swiftly. Then, wallah! it will be Saturday again... Yehey!

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