Monday, May 14, 2012

Count Down: 2 days

For no reason at all, I've been looking forward to my birthday this month, I'm actually doing a countdown in my head and is "tarantang gulay" for my post birthday celebration this coming Friday.  The last time I became this excited was during my 18th birthday although I didn't have a grand party then, it's just that I was excited to become an adult.  But now, I'm turning 28 and is already nearing the end of the calendar days but  why am I still feeling excited? weird! ... and oh by the way, after my birthday, it will be my 11th year anniversary with boyfriend on the 18th.  I really don't know why but maybe there's "something" with this year, I had so much mixed emotions ever since 2012 came in... But I assure you I'm no longer thinking of the marriage thing but I'm still hoping for it somehow (slight na lang).  I learned to always think of happy thoughts and realized that I should be thankful that I found a loving, faithful and caring man. Cheezy!

Anyway, here's how I spent my birthday for the last years.  I already lost my pictures in friendster so I can only share my birthday celebs starting 2009.

2009 - Enchanted Kingdom, ever since I started earning my own money (substantially), I sometimes set activities or family outing each year, it doesn't matter what occasion, basta may pera, go lang... It's one way of sharing my blessings and one way of thanking my family for everything.
My mom, always the "Bida" in the pictures

My niece: Yanis, always on the go with the rides
My niece - 1 yr old and nephew - 2 months that time.

Cousins from Bicol really enjoyed all the rides.

Another picture before going home after the whole day of fun and rides.

2010 - I missed my treat to my family since my boyfriend's family did the treat for me in Bora.

A surprised birthday cake from boyfriend, I didn't know how he got the cake, but most probably all of his family  planned for it... I was so touched because I don't normally have cakes and parties during my birthday.
Aside from the cake, boyfriend got me another Skull Candy Headset, different color from my other headsets but the same model.

We bumped into some of Ate Julie's (boyfriend's eldest sister) friends and they joined our island hopping. 

Had some few drinks in Club Parao, cheers!

Syempre, a pose in the powdered white sands of Bora.

Heavy breakfast courtesy of Microtel

My boyfriend's siblings.  from left: Romeo (my bf), me, Ate Julie (the eldest), Fritz (was the boyfriend then of ate Julie and now her hubby), and Jeannine (the youngest) 

2011 - I can't recall any celebration on this year since I just join my new company and had no vacation leave credits yet.  There's no evidence that we went somewhere so I just assume, we ate somewhere but I can't find any pictures.

Got another headset for my birthday from boyfriend, this time the limited edition of my favorite cartoon character : Betty Boop
For 2012 - Instead of spending in a travel for our anniversary, boyfriend and I agreed to just rent a private place in Tagaytay in which my family can all bond together.   The place is so cozy and I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on it, it's not a typical private place... you'll know it when I update you on my next post. :D


  1. looking forward for your birthday post. happy birthday! in advance. =)

  2. Wow, nice pictures from your last celebrations. Anyway, ang ganda mo talaga:)Happy birthday in advance:)

  3. thanks joy and michi! happiness explodes in me this past few days :D.. i so like the feeling. hehehe!